Textile Tour

A week of discovering the richness of the south-west's textile world. With the chance to see how and where straw hats where made. Visits to French linen sellers and many flea markets for buttons and ribbons. All whilst enjoying a cafe au lait in the calm and excitement of a bustling French cafe on market day.

Walking Tours

Green fields and rocky hills, France is blessed with a landscape that feels like it changes every few minutes and never ceases to amaze. Amongst the trees and valleys there are paths and routes planned for walkers of all types, beginners included. Whether you would prefer to be met at a different stage at every end of day, having the chance to stay in different areas each night or whether you would like to be collected and catered for in a rustic farmhouse overlooking the gorges de l'aveyron. Table de Touron can plan a tour specific to your needs.

Historical Tour

From visiting a cathedral first built in 1282 to a cave where the Neanderthals made stalagmites over 176 thousand years ago, the country side that surrounds Table de Touron is rich with History. Every Village and Town has it's tales of crusaders, knights and inventors. Discover the stories of a land that first began in 1,800,000 BC and that even now days continues to surprise us with wonders.

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