Hand To Mouth

Take a village, a real one, with a good mix of life and people. Look at their skills and how they work to form a community. And now, think of what they eat. 


Cook those special dishes, eat their real food. The food they grow locally throughout each season. 


With the hands of our community to tell this story, we want to try and share their life, their food, their work and our passions.


Our aim is to take these hands and link with other villages around the world.


Each card is a postcard with a recipe inscribed on its back, they come in seasonal sets of 15 postcards and full sets of 60 postcards, allowing themselves to be sent to anywhere in the world. 

French Men at the Truffle Market Lalbenque, South West France.
How to Buy Your Cards

You can buy the cards directly from us at Table de Touron by clicking here or heading over to the online shop. 


If you would like to find out more or order a pack simply contact us and we'll get back to you straight away!

Supporting Great Causes!

In the spirit of 'Hand To Mouth,' a large percentage of each set of cards goes towards helping charities and creation schemes local to us.


Donations over the last few years have helped various younger creative business setups as well as helping refugees taken in for a fresh start in our locality. 



“Thank you Tom & Charlotte for showing us a true part of France we had never known before.”

Mark Greco- A Natural History