Marie - Muushroom pate with pickled red peppers

Gabrielle - Poached pear, spicy walnut and garlic dressing salad

Philippe - Assortments of apéritifs

Virginie - French onion soup


Tom - Chicken ballantine stuffed with veal 

Lya - Quail stuffed with shoyu vegetables 

Thierry - Cote of Veal

Jean - Tajine of Lamb 


Marianne - Lemon and thyme cake 

Didier - Pear frangipanne

Flora - Goat's cheese and onion chutney

Daniel - Lavender creme brulee


Valerie - Assortments of herbal tea

Fanette - Various hummus 

Yolande - Cauliflower, cumin and almond salad



Autumn Set

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