Lazy lemons

Having 'time' is one of the positive aspects of lock-down.

The days are gloriously long allowing space for laziness and activity as well as plenty of time to think. By not going out, we are going through cupboards, shelves and drawers using up all those bits and bobs hidden away just waiting to be turned into something.

Today, I realised that we were nearly out of confît lemons so another jar of them was put into action. It just so happened that later in the day I was doing a fun live chat on Instagram with Kaari from French general, and by some strange coincidence I was asked a question about some lemons I had made in Vermont last fall... Finally, just like in a cookery programme I nipped of screen to produce a "Here's one i made earlier!". So as promised, here is the recipe just like it is on the back of one of our Hand to Mouth Initiative recipe cards along with two other of our recipes.

CITRONS CONFIT, Isabelle - Antiquaire

Cut the lemons nearly to the bottom twice forming a cross within the lemon but not cutting through the base. In a jar place some SALT CRYSTALS then add more salt in the splits of the lemon. Squeeze as many as you can fit in your chosen jar and cover with some more salt. Fill the jar with lemon juice. Add BAY LEAVES and CORIANDER SEEDS (optional) screw on the lid to the jar and keep turning the jar over the next week or so. Leave for at least ONE MONTH. Use the skins of the lemons for Mediterranean stews and salads. * Hopefully by the time the broad/fava beans are ready to eat from the garden the lemons will be ready for use in one of my favourite salads. Until then frozen beans work very well and don’t even need cooking, take that for a '10 minutes we're missing a dish' trick. Run hot water through the beans in a strainer and then if you have the patience skin the beans for that wonderful colour and texture.

The hands on this card belong to Isabelle from the antique /Brocante shop in our village called Histoires et Jardins.

SALADE DE RADIS ET FÈVES AU CITRON CONFIT, Eric - Potier Steam for 2-4 minutes frozen or fresh BROAD/FAVA BEANS. Cool and then remove their skins if you have time. Slice a bunch of RED RADISH mix into a dressing of 3Tbsp OLIVE OIL, 1Tbsp VINAIGRE, (sherry or wine), 1 chopped GARLIC CLOVE, half a CHOPPED CONFIT LEMON, 1Tbsp CHOPPED CORIANDER or PARSLEY, 1Tbsp CHOPPED RED ONION and a Tsp on GROUND CUMIN, SALT AND PEPPER. Mix all together.

* The hands used in this recipe card were those of Eric one of the village potters. I love this bowl he made for me and it reminds me of our happy and funny afternoon shooting this photo in his studio opposite the church in Saint Antonin.


Break up the florets of a CAULIFLOWER and fry over gently in a dash of OLIVE OIL and a teaspoon of CUMIN SEEDS. Cook slowly until just slightly golden. Remove from pan and then fry over WHOLE ALMONDS AND GARLIC SLICES. Place together in a bowl adding some chopped CONFIT LEMON RIND, LEMON JUICE AND OLIVE OIL. Sprinkle with FRESH HERBS such as CHIVES, PARSLEY, CORIANDER.

* The Cauliflower and Almond salad is delicious hot or cold, these are the hand of Yolande one of my favourite peasants who come to the market with a small offering of their seasonal production. The ailettes on the photo are the young garlic which is the star of the garden and the kitchen in the spring.

I hope that you will enjoy making theses recipes as much as we do and please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions either on here or via email and Instagram. If you would like to know any more about the Hand to Mouth Initiative or get yourself some post cards of your own, click here.

We will be back on C'est Craft with Kaari and French General next Thursday, so head over to their Instagram page to make sure you don't miss it and let us know what you want us to chat about.

Stay home, stay healthy and keep up whatever you do that makes you as happy as i am when i peek in the cupboard and see my Citron Confits.

Bisous, Charlotte

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