Vide Greniers & Brocantes​

Whether it be a beautiful piece of hand embroidered French Linen you're looking for or a striking piece of French mid-century modern furniture, a design classic or just 'junk' then it's well worth visiting a local vide grenier or brocante and we can definitely show you where to find the bargains!

Food Markets

Food Markets are an important and picturesque part of everyday French life and are the best places to find  amazing fresh local produce. St Antonin holds its rightfully famous market on Sunday mornings.

Tom and Charlotte can take you to the best local markets and show you a real slice of French life and maybe meet a local or two.

Later in the year on every Tuesday (Dec - March) the truffle market at Lalbanque is also a must - definitely an experience for those making a winter trip.

Gardens at the Palais de la Berbie in Albi.
The beautiful village of Narjac.
A Vide Grenier at Fontanes, South West France.
History & Culture.

Although the Tarn et Garonne is the youngest departement in France (created by Napoleon in 1808) it nontheless occupies territory of great historical significance and natural beauty.


Both Tom and Charlotte are passionate about history and delight in relating stories and facts pertaining to the region which in times past was home to the troubadours.

The history and culture of France is so diverse that sometines the best way is to experience it is on foot and you will  be taken to visit places that are often overlooked, as well as the more famous sights.

Let them be your guides as they unveil some of the amazing historical architecture and hidden histories of this truly remarkable area.

“Thank you Tom & Charlotte for showing us a true part of France we had never known before.”

Mark Greco- A Natural History